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Massage Therapy

Healing for Body and Soul

Relieve stress, improve range of motion, reduce headaches, sleep better

Fitness Training

Improve Physical Abilities

Increase strength, flexibility, balance, and posture

Raindrop Therapy

An Ancient Healing Practice

Oils and massage to release toxins and open energy flows throughout the body

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Hillary Acker

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Wellness Coaching

Explore the life you want to be living.  Looking at areas in your life such as physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual functioning, we will create a lifestyle plan that is sustainable for you.

We start your wellness program with an initial 90 minute session to discuss your strengths, challenges, and personal goals, and the strategies needed to achieve those goals.  We will then have a follow-up session lasting 60 minutes to discuss a detailed plan to develop the methods to use and the goals to be attained for successful continuation.

Wellness Coaching is available for both my men and women clients.


Includes Wellness Consultation and Follow-Up

Additional follow-up sessions and packages are available.  Ask about our special discount pricing.

Massage Therapy

Considered part of complementary and alternative medicine, massage is used as a healing tool for a wide range of conditions and situations.  Stress, muscle tension, and physical pain are the most commons reasons massage therapy is used; but it is also effective for anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive disorders, headaches, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, TMJ and other chronic conditions.

Together, we will choose the style of massage appropriate for your needs, which can change from session to session.  While the methods will vary, the outcome will not – we will always strive to provide you with relief, comfort, and relaxation.  It will be a perfect time to re-connect with yourself and what your body needs.

Massage Therapy is available only for my women clients.

$60 (60 mins)
$220 (package of 4)

Together we will choose the massage modality based on your needs at the time of service.

Fitness Training

Competent strength, flexibility and good balance are essential ingredients for performing everyday tasks.  Working with a personal trainer will help you develop an exercise program tailored to meet your needs and fitness goals and achieve your desired results.

Starting with your 30-minute fitness consultation, together we will explore your goals and lay out a plan that will get you to those goals in the most effective way possible.  As you work through our sessions, we will monitor your progress and make course corrections to keep you on track.

Fitness Training is available for both my men and women clients.

$60 (single)
$199 (package)

A Fitness session is 45 minutes long.  The Fitness Package includes a 30-minute consultation to discuss fitness goals, plus four (4) Fitness Sessions.

Raindrop Therapy

An ancient healing practice of the Lakota Indians, this technique combines targeted massage with the use of pure essential oils to balance energy, release toxins, and facilitate open energy flow throughout the body.

While the techniques used in the Raindrop Technique are established, we have some latitude to make certain adjustments with each and every session to maximize the benefits of this practice.  Each time, before we begin, we will assess your needs that day and work toward making your session provide you exactly what you need.

Raindrop Therapy is available only for my women clients.


A Raindrop Therapy session is 60 minutes long and includes the necessary essential oils.

Releasing Emotional Patterns

This technique, facilitated with essential oils, helps recognize and understand negative emotional patterns by increasing awareness of the patterns and how they affect you.  Willingness to change these patterns can provide you with a different life experience that is more positive and fulfilling.


This therapy is two (2) hours long and includes all the necessary essential oils.

Get Fueled For Life Blog

The Fuel
Filling Your Life With Wellness

In today’s society being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy is a challenge. You have to work really hard to avoid all the temptations that lead you off our wellness path.

Do you desire to create a life where you feel balanced, happy, have faith in your process and feel great about being you and what you have to offer the world? Be true to yourself, create your life around your natural state of being.

Join me on this journey as we learn how to live our lives in wellness. If you like my page, invite your friends to enjoy it as well.

– As always, created from love and passion with you in mind. I would love to hear your insight on my blogs and so would the other thousands of readers. We are changing the world, one step at a time.

Hillary Ann

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2 weeks ago

Get Fueled For Life

Who wants to receive $10off their massage?

It’s so easy!
Refer a friend who books an appt!

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3 weeks ago

Get Fueled For Life

Massage Therapy

Openings this week: tomorrow at 12:30 & Friday 11:00.
PM to book an appt

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1 month ago

Get Fueled For Life

Happy Fall!
I have openings for Massage Therapy September 24th and 28th.

Private message me to book appt.

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3 months ago

Get Fueled For Life

August Specials - Women’s Holistic Health

Service details can be found on my website.

Raindrop Therapy $ 40
Releasing Emotional Patterns w/Essential Oils $ 40
Therapeutic Massage $ 50

Book an appointment today! Send a message through my website or private message me.

Make it a great day!

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6 months ago

Get Fueled For Life

April Specials!!

Raindrop Therapy: $45 (regular price $65)

This 60 minute technique, combines the science of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex, reflexology, massage, etc, in the application of essential oils, which are applied on various areas of the body to bring structural and electrical alignment.

Releasing Emotional Patterns w/Essential Oils: $75 (regular price $99)

This 120 minute technique, facilitated with essential oils, helps recognize and understand negative emotional patterns by increasing awareness of the patterns and how they affect you. Willingness to change these patterns can provide you with a different life experience that is more positive and fulfilling.

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My Story

Hello and thank you for checking out my website.

I hope this piece of my story can help you get to know me a little and see into why I do the work I do.
I have been focused on my spiritual path for as long as I can remember.  As a child, I had a natural connection to a world that I could not see or understand but knew it was there.  Many experiences and emotions I had growing up did not  make sense to me until I found a group of like minded people at A SpiriTouch Institute (school for Massage Therapy).  Human development, understanding of how our connections with others changes the dynamics in our lives and how to use this for healing were the main focus of my studies and changed my world forever.
While I write this, I have spent two decades educating myself in the field of Health, Wellness and personal growth.  I’ve learned so much about energy and how it flows between people and the universe and find it fascinating. Celebrating life with people, sharing stories, and supporting others in creating a more balanced life, finding their inner guidance and having an overall feeling of peace and connection within themselves is what fuels me up.
My story………
But…. because there is always a but in a good story…. I have challenges just like everyone else does.  Working through shifts in my own well being is not as easy as working with someone else on theirs.  It’s hard to see our own stuff, our own blockages and a clear way out of them. Looking at our own lives can be hard, it can be ugly and downright exhausting.  Even though I am a health and wellness junkie I need mentors and guidance also.  I need support to keep my body fueled up to maintain my optimal health just like all of you.  Have I always done this? No, I have not.  I have ignored my own beliefs, my inner voice and the universal signs screaming at me.  What I have learned is that when the big bad wolf knocks on your door and you don’t invite him in, then he is going to blow your house down.  And that is what happened to me……..
About 8 weeks after I delivered my third child I had a total system shutdown. It felt like my electrical wires had been rewired incorrectly. I couldn’t breathe without it hurting, I had numbness in my face, sharp pains shooting through my legs and my brain felt like it was disconnecting from the world, myself and anything I ever knew or cared about. I spent several weeks in a state of walking coma.  I couldn’t cook a meal, get myself ready or even carry on a conversation with my children.  I had no idea how to get out of this.  I was trapped in a state of fear and physical pain.  After several trips to the ER and multiple doctor visits the diagnosis was, there was nothing wrong with me other than anxiety.  While I should have been grateful for this, it left me feeling hopeless with no solution to get back to my normal. 
I sat on the steps at my parents house while my mom cared for my newborn baby and I realized I had to get out of this or I would end up loosing my ability to function physically and mentally.  I was really starting to loose control of my mind.  I knew at that point I needed to do this for myself, nobody had more control than I did.  I had a lot of emotional support from family, a very patient husband who gave me time to sort this out and an incredible tool box I had built up over the years with all the classes I took and mentors I had in my life, I just didn’t know how to look within.  I called one of my mentors and she told me “you just need to remember your connection to all”.  After I got off the phone and sat there for awhile, I don’t know if it was an answered prayer or my inner voice or what occurred in that moment but it was a clear sent answer for me to run, to run as fast as I could.  That is exactly what I did. It was what I needed to bring myself back to remembering who I was and that this experience I was having was just an experience, and could be shifted.  From there on out, I knew I needed physical movement to kick this crippling barrier that had formed.  I began each day with physical movement and calming essential oils and day by day life got easier.  From there I sorted through my toolbox and found what worked for me to build a daily regimen which keeps me remembering who I am and supports me in living a healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Tools (which I call your fuel for life) are so important for living a life in balance.  First you need to find your fuel, learn how to use it and have it readily available at all times in your toolbox for when life gets tough and you need a little push to get back to you. As long as we keep our eyes open and our hearts wide we can allow these tools into our lives to shift our perception and create balance for ourselves.

Now that I have rebuilt my house, I am ready to invite others in and support them in recognizing when something is knocking on their door.

My mission is to support others with healing work to inspire them to build a life in wellness.


Licensed Massage Therapist,  Certified Fitness Instructor, Certified Wellness Coach

Education: Northern Arizona Univ., Madison College, A SpiriTouch Institute

Continuing Education Certificates:  Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Fung Shui, Natural Health, Raindrop Technique, Creating & Attaining Personal Vision, Body Aliveness & Awareness, Light Beyond Trauma, Reclaiming The Bliss, Intuitive




Wellness for Women

Here are testimonials from past and current clients about my offerings.

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Raindrop Technique - Angela W

The raindrop treatment was not only extremely relaxing but also transformational.  I suffered from a chronic pain in my right shoulder that had plagued me for years.  The chronic pain was rooted in a near-drowning accident that I had experienced 15 years prior.  After the raindrop treatment I felt a huge release; not only physically but also emotionally, and I have not felt any shoulder pain since.  This treatment truly surpassed my expectations and I would highly recommend it.

To book a session, fill out the form below and Hillary will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Please Note that massage and raindrop therapy are available only to my women clients.

Thank You for your Understanding.

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